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I want to share with you some of the stuff that's in my head, and also things from others that touch me, interest me, or help to explain me.

35 yrs old

Oh, and I have a thing for vampires.
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this right here explains exactly how i feel about body modification, but i’ve never been able to put it into any words other than “body mods are cool!!” lol

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Lamb of God ~ Walk with Me in Hell x


Pray for blood
Pray for the cleansing
Pray for the flood
Pray for the end of this nightmare
This lie of a life can as quickly as it came dissolve
We seek only reprieve and welcome the darkness
The myth of a meaning so lost and forgotten

Take hold of my hand
For you are no longer alone
Walk with me in hell

Pray for solace
Pray for resolve
Pray for a savior
Pray for deliverance, some kind of purpose
A glimpse of a light in this void of existence

Now witness the end of an age
Hope dies in hands of believers
Who seek the truth in the liar’s eye

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Why does Sith resonate with you as opposed to Jedi? It's my understanding Sith are equally skilled as Jedi... only Sith use their personal hatred, fear and anger to obtain power whereas Jedi obtain power by means of self-mastery, discipline and selflessness.
peculirarity peculirarity Said:


Because I am full of hate, anger, and passion.

Asker Anonymous Asks:
Do you really believe yourself to be a fantasy character -elf, sith- or are you just 'playing' this role throughout your life?
peculirarity peculirarity Said:


I believe that those are things are part of my life that I draw strength from. 

I believe I have improved myself by from drawing strength from them. 

I believe that just because something is fiction it doesn’t mean you cannot become strong from it. 

I believe that fantasy can become reality if you work hard enough

But no I don’t really believe I am a Sith or Elf or Cable but I am stronger because these fantasies  make me powerful. 




The deepest voices come from to the cutiest pixiest bodies

… except for that one time…

::falls over giggling::

And then this man who is 6’5”…… 


Please fire me. My boss told me to consult with him before I think.

omg wut

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Chris and his beloved coffe machine <3

(quick doodle, just because he always says that coffe is the most important thing: „Without coffe,nothing works”)

i love Chris Pohl. i love coffee. he loves coffee. we were meant to be!!!

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i want to hit my head
until i can no longer
feel the pain


*by peculirarity* (written July 22, 2014)