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35 yrs old

Oh, and I have a thing for vampires.
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i want to hit my head
until i can no longer
feel the pain


*by peculirarity* (written July 22, 2014)



do you ever have second-hand obsessions

like one of your friends is super obsessed with a thing so whenever you see something about it you’re like “YES THIS THING” but you’re not the one obsessed with it. they are. you know very little about this thing and yet it still excites you because it excites your friend



no one really finishes tv series

tv series finish us

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Don’t dismiss me.



what am i, really?
i’m bereft of actuality, again.
what is the purpose of my being here?
I just can’t seem to fit in.
i’ve found my reflection in the
shards of shattered glass,
each one with a unique expression,
all as broken as the media
they inhabited.
an optical illusion
just trying to fit into this frame
distorted conceptions of myself
eyes hiding glances
that reflect the deceit of me.
in trying to gather the pieces
of an identity, i found that i did
more harm than help.
littered, scattered pieces
of who i might be
slice through fingertips
when handled and arranged.

what am i that i would draw blood
from my own veins?
just flayed flesh
leaking insecurities.
am i meant to be known?
named and categorized?
am i meant to be understood by anyone
if not even by myself?
or meant to wander helplessly
in search of the idea of self?

there is nothing to be gained
in knowing who i am,
only a sense of pain and frustration.
no greater purposed served
by finding substance and reality
inside this husk of skin.
so, i ask you, why do you still try?
why should i be defined?

flawsstitchedwithgoodintentions in normal.

mylifeinitalics in italics.

damn, this was really good.

why? why do i try to achieve and receive beauty in this wasted life, from this world full of shit??

Chimaira ~ Down Again


How many times can it change
How long will I be restrained
It’s appalling to think that
All my time seems to be wasted
Will it stop or is it only beginning

Here on the inside
My life is not over
I’m down again

Fake smiles surround me all day
No more can I tolerate
These excuses or all this
Constant pressure overloading
Make it stop the fire’s always burning

It’s hell writing and it’s hell not writing. The only tolerable state is having just written.
Robert Hass (via victoriousvocabulary)

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Lucifer , Hexentanz Losheim

I LOVE ULRIKE!!!!!!!! <3



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